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An informed community is an empowered community.

Community education is a large part of our ScreenNJ Community Outreach and Engagement program. Our Community Cancer Control Specialists commit themselves to giving community members all over the state the tools they need to lower cancer risk and rates. We work with community partners and state and local health systems to bring our programs to you. ScreenNJ’s programs include webinars, live workshops, and fairs in your communities.

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Professional Education

Education stands as a pillar within ScreenNJ’s commitment to implement and expand the reach of evidence-based cancer prevention and screening services, directly address barriers that prevent people from receiving timely cancer screenings, and reduce the cancer burden experienced by New Jerseyans.

Our multifaceted approach encompasses both community and professional education, grounded in the belief that knowledge should be universally accessible. By disseminating insights to healthcare and public health professionals across New Jersey, we empower them to better serve their communities.

Our suite of professional education services spans a diverse array of topics and formats, ranging from singular “Training the Trainer” sessions to comprehensive series like our Community CARES program. Whatever your organization’s needs may be, we stand ready to collaborate and deliver tailored content. Our offerings encompass cancer site-specific insights, LGBTQ+ competency, environmental health, nutrition, clinical trial research, and beyond.

Outreach Support

The impacts of ScreenNJ are rooted deeply in partnerships throughout New Jersey. In addition to community and professional education, ScreenNJ provides technical assistance including educational materials, supplies, rentals such as an inflatable colon, and support for system-level practice improvement.

Technical assistance is a way of providing guidance and targeted support to organizations that are currently or looking to provide education about cancer prevention, screening, and more. This collaboration can support the development of needs assessments, evidence-based program planning, design, implementation, evaluation, and more.

Reach out to ScreenNJ to learn more about how we can help you and your organization bring evidence-based education to the communities that you serve.

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Partner Resources

ScreenNJ is a collaborative project of organizations across New Jersey committed to reducing cancer incidence and mortality through an effective cancer prevention and screening project. We welcome all of our partners to utilize these resources and encourage you to bookmark them for ongoing access.

Community Grant Funding Opportunities

Request for proposals (RFPs) offer support for organizations across New Jersey to increase access to cancer prevention and screening, reduce cancer mortality rates, and educate New Jersey healthcare providers, staff, and residents about the importance of cancer prevention, screening, and early detection.

We are no longer accepting applications for ScreenNJ Request for Proposals Fiscal Year 2025. Please review our eligibility criteria and consider applying for Fiscal Year 2026.

For questions about the application process or to learn more about ScreenNJ, please attend one of our upcoming Applicant Webinars or contact us at [email protected]

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