ScreenNJ provides free access to cancer screening to help patients overcome barriers and assist New Jersey residents to get screened. ScreenNJ partners with and supports healthcare provider agencies, public health agencies, and community organizations throughout the state of New Jersey that provide education, refer patients, or directly provide cancer screening and prevention services, as well as groups that help organizations initiate, expand, and/or support these types of outcomes, evidence-based screening and outreach services.

ScreenNJ’s mission is to reduce cancer incidence, mortality, and outcome disparities by:

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  • Implementing and expanding the reach of evidence-based cancer prevention and screening services;
  • Directly addressing barriers that prevent people from receiving timely cancer prevention (e.g., HPV vaccine) and cancer screening services; and
  • Educating NJ residents about the importance of cancer prevention, screening and early detection.

ScreenNJ acquired a mobile medical unit to improve access to care provide much needed preventative cancer screening services to medically underserved in New Jersey. Through our Mobile Health Unit/LifeSaver, we will offer free cancer screenings and care coordination services to the uninsured and underserved across New Jersey. By bringing convenient screening services, The LifeSaver hopes to reduce the number of cancer deaths that occur each year. The LifeSaver will offer the following health care and cancer screening services around prostate, lung, colorectal, breast, HPV/cervical, skin, and genetic hereditary counseling.

Services will include:

  • History and physical examinations (e.g., patient health history, past illness, examination for signs of disease)
  • Laboratory testing (e.g., HPV screening, prostate specific antigen testing, colorectal fit testing)
  • Referrals and authorization for mammograms (breast) and low dose CT screening (lungs)
  • Patient navigation for care coordination
  • Education and outreach
  • Supportive services to address social determinants of health

ScreenNJ Celebratory Event

ScreenNJ held a celebratory event highlighting the mobile health unit free cancer screening, education and patient navigation services throughout NJ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ScreenNJ Mobile Health Unit?
The ScreenNJ Mobile Health Unit is a mobile medical office designed to provide easy access to preventative cancer screenings, vaccinations and more. The self-contained unit travels throughout New Jersey providing state of the art services to the medically underserved.

What kinds of care can I receive?
Our mobile health unit is unique in that it provides preventative cancer screening services, history and physical examinations, patient navigation support for care coordination, education and outreach. Cancer screening services include HPV/Cervical, Prostate, Colorectal, Lung, Breast, Skin and referrals for Genetic testing.

Do I need medical insurance to use the services provided on the mobile health unit?
No medical insurance is required. Cancer screenings are provided to those who fall within the screening guidelines. There are no costs to preventative screening services offered on the mobile health unit.

Do I need to make an appointment to receive services?
No appointments are needed to receive services.

How long does a visit typically last?
The length of the visit will vary depending on the nature of the care received. In general, each medical visit is approximately 20 to 30 minutes, not including wait time depending on the queue.

What ScreenNJ staff will be on the mobile health unit?
Our Mobile Health Team includes an Advanced Practice Nurse (Clinical lead), Patient Navigator/Medical Assistant, Community Services Coordinator, and the Mobile unit driver. On occasion our outreach team may be available to share education and health literacy information to the community.

Is the Mobile Unit wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the ScreenNJ Mobile Unit is wheelchair accessible.

If I need follow-up care, who do I contact?
Patients will be referred to their local provider and healthcare facilities for further evaluation.

Mobile Health Team

Monica Townsend, MPA, BS
Program Director
Kenneth Gyan, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
Advanced Practice Nurse
Michelle Olk
Patient Navigator, Medical Assistant
Richard Burdett
Mobile Health Unit Driver, Navigation & Logistics

Request the ScreenNJ Mobile Health Unit

To request an outreach visit by our ScreenNJ Mobile Health Unit please use this link. For additional information you may contact our team at [email protected]