The most effective way to reduce lung cancer risk is to quit smoking. We know that smoking gets your body hooked on tobacco. When you try to stop, you can feel nervous, tense, moody, sad, hungry, and have cravings. These feelings make it very hard to quit, but with support you can beat these feelings and quit for good! Screen NJ works closely with the Rutgers Tobacco Dependence Program to provide individuals and healthcare professionals with the tools they need to quit smoking.

Programs available to help you quit smoking:

Girl in red jacked breaks cigarette in half

An Expert Shares Strategies to Get You (+ Your Teen) to Quit Smoking and Vaping

Monica J. Gilles, a tobacco cessation counselor for Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, joins New Jersey Family to reveal what works best when it comes to quitting tobacco at any age. Learn more with NJ Family.