April 2019

With New Jersey ranking in the nation’s top ten for cancer incidence, there is an increased call for enhanced awareness as well as expanded practice and policy when it comes to cancer screening. ScreenNJ, a collaborative program led by Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and funded in part by the New Jersey Department of Health, is already committed to reducing cancer incidence and mortality through an emphasis on screenings for colorectal cancer and lung cancer – two of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the state.

At last year’s ‘Conference for Change’ event, hosted by the New Jersey Primary Care Association and sponsored by ScreenNJ, health care providers, community members and researchers from across the state examined current screening practices and communications; data from this event further highlight the need to increase screening efforts. Efforts will be focused on reducing disparities in access to screening in populations including the uninsured, those in underserved communities, and younger patients, since more individuals are being diagnosed with colorectal cancer at an earlier age in New Jersey. Read more